Free Domain with Hosting


We offer you a full year free Domain with your Hosting account. Your Hosting account for as low as 9.95 USD per month. 12 months commitment is required for Domain and Hosting.

Once you purchase your Web Design package with us, you’ll need to come back to our website to Click on the Domain & Hosting Link to be taken to our Purchase Page; of you can simply click ORDER DOMAIN & HOSTING NOW and you’ll be taken to our website.

Make sure you select “Business Account” that’s the one for 9.95 per month. When selecting your Domain Name, always check the spelling and remember once you register your Domain, there’s not going back. No option to change it or adjust it… the way your purchase it, that’s the way it’ll stay for as long as you have the website; unless you decide to register another domain, which is not Free.

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